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Can I join as an Executive Member as well as an Employer?

Yes, you can. The permissions and access are different for Executive Members and Employers, and it is quite possible that you will find it worthwhile to use the site from both perspectives. There is no means of linking one identity with the other, so your identity as an Executive Member remains as discreet as you wish it to be, even if you also register as an Employer.

As an Executive, why should I pay to be a member of your site when I can showcase myself on a social network or job site?

There are many good reasons. Here are a few we believe are important.

  1. MEMBER PROFILES ARE PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN by Club Exec, in a consistent format, designed in such a way as to make it much easier for talent seekers to read . and to gather the key information needed for a rapid, well informed, preliminary assessment of the executive talent showcased here.
  2. WE SEEK OUT AND SUMMARIZE THE SALIENT DETAILS of each member's experience and competences, objectives and expectations. Crucially, we can provide a clear indication of the current role, whilst preserving your identity and confidentiality.
  3. CLEAR LAYOUT, WITH CONCISE, INFORMATIVE TEXT just sufficient for purpose - we even include a broad indication of compensation . avoids time wasted on all sides.
  4. YOUR PROFILE MAY INCLUDE SPECIFICS which we, or you, know can be of interest to certain talent seekers. We also have hidden data fields which can be searched without the information being ever disclosed to any users of the site - yet which will ensure your profile is picked up in a relevant search (for example, a scientific speciality, a location, a previous employer, or any other detail you may wish to include but prefer not to display in the profile).
  5. THE WORK WE UNDERTAKE to create a professional profile for each member amounts to a unique online resource - a highly focused pool of top talent, created and maintained by humans not computers, where candidates can be found whilst preserving their confidentiality and protecting their personal brand.
  6. We provide access to perhaps the most comprehensive database of executive search professionals anywhere - enabling you to identify recruiters relevant to your specific skillset and experience, in the US and elsewhere internationally, and provide you with links to email them directly.
  7. Also provided is access to a database of private equity and venture capital firms with a granular analysis of the types and scale of investments they make and with key contacts, often with email addresses.
  8. Job listings are included in the site and are curated to present only those jobs that will be relevant to our members.
As an Employer, what is the cost of registering/accessing your database of members?

There is no cost.

As an Employer, what is the cost of posting job advertisements on your site?

There is no cost. Advertising on the Club Exec jobs board is subject only to acceptance of your registration as a bona fide employer, and that the opportunity is appropriately positioned (and compensated) at the senior executive or non-executive level.

As an Employer, can I reach out to members to seek referrals?

Yes you can. Either by contacting individual members via their profile or by placing an advertisement / general message to our membership on the Club Exec jobs board - or your own Company Profile (see below). Responses can only be submitted by our executive members via the website, so by definition you will receive a ready screened and filtered response to the posting.

As an Employer, I find it hard to attract/connect with passive candidates at the most senior levels.

It is also extremely hard for them to find you!

COMPANY PROFILES are available free of charge for the first 12 months. Designed specifically to provide a showcase for your company - announce latest news, promote your brand, run job postings, seek referrals - they include a dedicated email facility which can only be accessed by our executive members, allowing them to connect with key hiring executives directly. (Member emails carry a 2-line summary of the member's profile to help you assess immediately its relevance).

Convenient for you. Convenient for them.

Job advertisements or requests for referral can be posted free of charge on your company platform (up to 15 postings at any one time). These are also listed on the Club Exec jobs board - displayed in the public area of our website, yet accessible only by Club Exec members. So your responses, by definition, will come from a pre-screened audience of quality candidates.

As an Executive, are my personal details available to Registered Employers?

No. Your profile is anonymous, and you must approve it before it is uploaded. You control who receives your résumé/CV or any personal data. A Registered Employer who wishes to learn more must request further information directly from you. You decide what information you give them. If necessary, we can even respond on your behalf initially, if you have any concerns about the nature of the enquiry - the concierge service, is an optional service available to members.

Will you write a résumé for me? If so, how much does it cost?

Yes, resume/CV writing is an additional service available to members. We are happy to create a new one or simply update/improve the one you have. The cost is tailored to the amount of work involved - and we can estimate this once we have seen the materials you are able to provide when you request a quote. Please contact us. We are also able to run a resume/CV distribution on your behalf. In addition, we offer career reviews and advice, cover letter drafting, and bios.

What concierge services do you provide to employers?

We work for ambitious, talented executives - across the world and across a multitude of industries - who are looking to make the next step in their career. For 20 years, we have been connecting them to talent seekers and corporate executives who may wish to hire them. If you can provide us with an indication of your requirement(s), and while we are still growing the Club Exec platform, we would be happy to forward you profiles of any candidates we feel may interest you. Bear in mind, we connect personally with each applicant before accepting them as members of our site, and we have a long back list of executives we have worked with in the past, who keep in touch. Our selection would therefore be based on human judgment, not a computer algorithm.

What concierge services do you provide to executives?

Even though your profile is anonymous, you may prefer that any contact via our site should be handled initially by our team, as intermediary. We will alert you to any contact and provide a response according to your instruction. This concierge service is an optional additional service.

You provide access to your research resources. Would you assist me with my research?

Yes, we can offer assistance with your research as an optional additional service. For example, we can supply targeted corporate mailing lists, including the executive contact details you will need to approach them by regular mail. We also offer a customised resume/CV distribution service. Please contact us to learn more.

How can I be sure my email address is protected when I reply to enquiries from your website?

Your email address, provided upon application, serves as your member login. All correspondence conducted through our networking domain, when you use this email address, will automatically convert your personal address into your anonymized email address. You do not need to be logged into our site - the domain will do this automatically. If, for any reason, you use a different email address, your email will be ignored by the system. It will not reach the intended recipient.

How much information will I receive about the person who is contacting me?

All emails sent or received via our system will show Club Exec as the sender name. You will know an Employer by the Company name and Contact Person name, (it is not possible for them to edit this information). You will know an Executive Member by their Reference code, eg EXE0000 (Executive), which will be displayed in the Subject field of their email (and this cannot be edited). There will be a direct link to their profile contained in the body of the email.

Why is this site different?

Here we try to address the immediate questions, but please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have further questions about our services or how Club Exec might assist you.

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