A time and cost-efficient means to attract and hire senior level executives ($150K+ or equivalent)

Quality Candidates at Club Exec


  • A highly focused pool of C-level and VP talent - Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, SVPs, from large corporate and/or PE backed enterprises.
  • Membership is selective and profiles are professionally written by Club Exec. Each profile with a 3-line summary for rapid review.

Talent comes to you

  • Club Exec email permits executive members to contact you directly, and discreetly.

Search the database of executive members

  • Search criteria can include compensation level and keywords - in free text - spanning open and hidden text (preserving confidentiality).
  • Contact executive members directly via their profile for more information, invite applicants, request referrals (unlimited introductions).

Build your Employer Brand at Club Exec


  • Showcase your company on its own platform, run job listings, post messages, ask for referrals - exclusive to our membership.
  • Confidentiality is key as most of our members are employed - help them connect directly to you, or relevant contacts in your organization.

Convenient for the Executive

  • They maintain their confidentiality.
  • They complete their profile just once.
  • They connect directly with relevant contact.

... and for you

  • Maintain and manage a short list
  • Time saving, one-step 'file & respond' triggers automatic friendly response.

Employers Register Now at Club Exec


Registration is free – access the database of executive members and simply click to connect.

Zero cost for job postings

With or without a company platform, there is zero cost for job postings.

Club Exec email is provided only with company platforms (zero cost for first year).

Concierge service

Search too confidential? Candidates too hard to find? Let our team assist your search activity. Contact us:


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